Finally! A workout program specifically for the time starved who want to shed pounds of fat, grow lean muscle, and have a bulletproof body all WITHOUT committing to hours of boring cardio.

Dear Friend,

If you are interested in losing fat at a rapid pace, having your training and nutritional programs tailored to your specific goals and level of fitness, without endless hours of cardio, crash diets, fancy equipment or midnight television quack supplements, then this is the single most important program you have ever read about in your life.

Here’s why:

My name is Dylan Conrad, owner and operator of Dylan Conrad Fitness (DCF). Growing up I was the “fat kid.” Tormented endlessly by peers, it was at the age of 11 where I found myself skipping meals and doing endless push ups, sit ups, and bicep curls in my dad’s home office that also served as my gym. Developing unhealthy exercise and dietary habits, it was no wonder I wasn’t seeing results and was always injured.

Fast forward 16 years later, at the age of 27 I was able to implement what I believe to be the perfect system to burn fat 3x faster than traditional exercise programs, eliminate any restriction in your bodily movement, and coach you through the easiest and efficient nutrition system that caters to YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS. With a combination of metabolic resistance training, massage therapy, strength training, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and corrective exercise to injury proof the body, lose fat at unforeseen rates, and pack on pounds of lean muscle mass, all while retaining the same high quality of life outside of the gym, this system will RAPIDLY TRANSFORM YOUR BODY.

The system, a combination from expertise in the best fields of fitness and nutrition, has proven results regardless of your current body type OR level of fitness. This program is perfect for people just like me and you who have failed over and over at getting ANY results in other programs. Oh, did I mention it’s HALF THE PRICE OF TRADITIONAL PERSONAL TRAINING???




With 2 weeks of personal training, you’ll discover:

  • 1 How to BURN FAT 3X FASTER than traditional exercise
  • 3 How to use strength training to BOOST YOUR METABOLISM
  • 4 Injury proof your body in 5 MINUTES!
  • 5 THREE TIMES THE RESULTS compared to training on your own

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Gained 10 pounds of PURE MUSCLE

I knew Dylan was a no BS trainer when I first met him, “as long as your willing to work hard I promise you’ll get results.” 6 months later, I’m up 10 pounds, but down 4% body fat.

This is the best I’ve ever looked in my life…people are constantly complimenting me on my physique.

 – Jeff W, 33, Commercial Realtor


Lost 3% Body Fat While Ending Chronic Shoulder Pain

I was working out nearly every day and wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted after nearly a year of working out. I decided to hire Dylan, and since I’ve seen an increase of 30 pounds on my dead lift, 20 on my squat and 10 on my bench press.  After 3 months, I’ve lost a little over 3% body fat without changing my diet or lifestyle. Also, I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten faster and can do activities longer. I’ve had chronic shoulder pain for a long time, Dylan ran me through an assessment and identified exercises that would help me.  I rarely feel the pain and notice better flexibility.

– Jaime N, 29, Software Engineer

Lost 30 Pounds and The Knee Pain

I just turned 40 and had a bad knee injury. I was scared by the injury as i couldnt walk easily or chase after my kids…i felt it was time to address the first signs of aging head on.

When I first started I was scared… but Dylan made me feel very comfortable with where I was physically at that time. I was overweight, out of shape with an injury, however I didn’t feel judged or looked down upon…instead he took a close interest in exactly what was happening with my knee and was extra careful with all the movements and exercises we started with. In a short time I felt more confident and strong, as I truly trusted that he knew what he was doing.

I have lost almost 30 lbs. and have more definition in my body than when I was 20…i have so much more energy and I feel happier!

Most of all, Dylan has taught me That exercise is so important in my life.  I go to the gym 5 days a week and feel strange if I don’t. I would say the best thing about training with Dylan is his subtle yet strong guidance.  He is very motivating in a calm and strategic way.  I enjoy all our sessions and leave the gym feeling strong, sexy and complete.

– Elizabeth S, 44, Mother of 2


Dropped 4% Body Fat & Look Better Than I Did 20 Years Ago

Working out is an addiction of mine. I worked out 5 days a week before I met and trained with Dylan and still do to this day. However, with his expert knowledge and precise training skills the result is that my body now appears to almost look the same as it did 20 plus years ago. I use the adverb “almost” because 20 plus years ago, my legs never looked this defined or big. When I started with Dylan, I was 156 pounds and 17% body fat. Now, I’m 12.7% bodyfat…at the same exact weight! Dylan also constantly gives me simple helpful tools that make it easy for me to track and stay on target with regard to my nutrition and diet.

– Buck D, 40, Music Supervisor


Lifestyle Reboot

The thing that has made me the happiest about training with Dylan has to be that it has brought about a sea change for me in terms of my overall commitment to taking care of myself.  Working out in the gym is one thing, but building a life that supports those efforts and promotes healthier choices…that’s really what it’s all about.

– Mark H, 40, Director of Entertainment and Marketing



Are you ready to get the body you’ve always wanted TODAY?

“I don’t have enough time to commit to the gym”

I’ve gotten many clients’ results working out as little as 2 hours per week. Specifically I helped a woman lose 10 lbs in 2 months (see below). Do you really not have time for the gym, or are you just not ready to commit?


“Personal training is just not in my budget.”

With my semi-private model, you’ll pay HALF the cost of traditional personal training. Research shows you can get 3x the results training in the model compared to training alone.


“I can get better results doing cardio.”

If you ever want to see tone in your muscles YOU MUST do resistance training. You’ll burn 3x more calories at rest by doing resistance training instead of cardio.


“I HATE running.”

Running is an inefficient and injury provoking method of training. You’ll never run more than 400 meters (if at all) with my training program while still getting 3x the results than if you kept to running.


“Will lifting weights make me big and bulky?”

If you goal is to add just a little bit of lean muscle mass to get you the “toned” look, I will customize a workout program that will ensure you will not get big and bulky as I have for so many in the past.

Bodybuilders spend their whole life training to get big and bulky, and some are lucky to gain even a pound of muscle a year! It’s tough to gain muscle, especially for women who don’t produce testosterone, lift as heavy as men, and consume less food as well.


“I have (enter any injury here) so I can’t workout.”

With my program design and corrective training focus, not only will we work around your injury, but we will directly address your body’s dysfunction to help the injury heal and make sure it never comes back.


“I need to get in shape before I try this program.”

This is NOT a one size fits all program. Using fitness and muscle imbalance  testing, I will customize your program to start you at your own specific level of fitness.


“I don’t believe resistance training will help change my physique.”

Just look at the before and after pictures and tell me that again.

ONLY $149 (A $370 SAVINGS!!!)





Dropped 3% Body Fat in 6 Weeks in The Hollywood Nightlife

Exercise had always been an important piece of my life and I was hoping to increase my muscle mass, increase my strength surfing and snowboarding, and (lets be honest here) look better naked. This is tough to do because I work 4 nights a week in the Hollywood nightlife.

We started our training session and I IMMEDIATELY felt a difference. “Oh, so this is what training is like?”

The first time I got my body fat percentage taken I was ashamed to know a slim bodied individual such as myself was at 15%. After the first few weeks with Dylan we measured me at a little over 14%. 6 weeks after that I was down to a mere 10.4%. 6 weeks after that…8.7%….and all of that without losing a pound of weight, signifying I was burning fat and building muscle which was the exact goal I was shooting to reach.

 – Ron H, 26, Owner Hollywood BOTE Bus
Stronger Than I Was in High School


I had been a high school athlete and worked as a trainer in the offseason, so I had a good concept of training and knew a variety of exercises.  Dylan is so up-to-date on training/exercise and the latest research that he always has new exercises and combinations to maximize my approach.

I liked Dylan’s programs from the start – he always incorporates new exercises that I have never heard of and he sets up the tempo well.  Since I’ve started working with Dylan over 2 years ago, I’ve actually gone through a whole progression in terms of progress. I was able to drop about 20lbs originally to get down to about 190lbs and reach my goal trim weight while actually being significantly stronger than I had been before with much better stamina.  Since then, Dylan and I have been working on building up more muscle mass, so I’ve put on some muscle.  I’m currently at 200lbs and am lifting at higher weights than I was playing football in high school despite being over 20lbs lighter.

– Michael L, 26, Associate at Endeavour Capital
Lost 14 Pounds in 1 Month



I have been struggling for a few years to establish a goal and reach it.  I was lucky to find DCF to give me that extra push to stay on track. In the 28 day Transformation Challenge I lost 14 pounds and have been eating smarter and exercising regularly since.  The part that makes me the happiest is the excitement before stepping on my scale, as opposed to the fear i once had. On days that I slipped up (we all have them) Dylan and the rest of the team kept me motivated to get right back on track the next day.
– Viktor H, 30, Massage Therapist
Lost 10 pounds working out ONLY 2x/week


At the time I first started working with Dylan, I was extremely busy at work and had no desire to work out at all, much less on my own.  I needed a serious trainer that would challenge me and keep me motivated because I needed to slim down and increase my energy levels. Since training with Dylan, I can now fit into almost all of my old clothes (thank goodness).  I’ve lost over ten pounds, and manage to keep the ten pounds off, without having to starve myself… or really do much beyond training twice a week with Dylan.

– Myra V, 33, Lawyer


Try my system out for 2 week with a no-risk, 100% money back guarantee



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