Office Chair Workout – 6 Exercises You Can Do With An Office Chair

It’s 9am, your spouse just took your kids to run a couple errands, and you just finished answering work emails and tying up some loose ends.


You get a text from your significant other, “Heading to the pharmacy now, will be back in 20 minutes.”


Not having worked out for 2 consecutive days, you don’t want to make today the 3rd!


You rock back and forth on your office chair, pondering what you should do for your 20 minute workout.


That 20 minutes turns into 15. Tick-tock, tick-tock…


Then you get an email in your inbox “Chair Workouts To Charge Your Metabolism.” Dylan Conrad just sent out a newsletter with an office chair workout: 6 exercises you can do with your office chair to get your metabolism up:


1. Reverse Chair Lunge with A Twist

2. Chair Push Up / Knees to Chest Combo

3. Single Leg Squat with A Chair

4. Overhead Chair Squats

5. Alligator Chair Walk

6. Rear Foot Elevated Chair Squats


You put together a killer 15 minute circuit performing 30 seconds of each exercises with 10 second transitions between each exercises for 3 rounds.


Your spouse comes home with you sweating your tush off lying on the floor on your back.


What happened to you?”


Office chair workout…I’m not sure,” you answer, “but do you think we could name our next child Dylan?”

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