Owllison Litman Training Program

Day 1

Warm Up


  • Foam Roll: Quads, Back, Calves,¬†Glutes – 1 minute per side per area

  • Hip Flexor Mobs x8ea

  • Side Plank: 3x10s Holds (10s holds with 2-5s rest between) S = seconds

  • Single Leg Glute Bridge AKA Cook Hip Lift: x20ea

No Rest. Perform only 1 set of each




  • Single Leg Sit Ups x30 to 60

  • Planks: 6x10s Holds (10s holds with 2-5s rest between)


Rest 30s. Repeat 2 more rounds for a total of 3 rounds.


Strength Training

  • DB Goblet Squats: 4×5

  • 3 Point Rows 3x8ea

  • Shoulders Elevated Glute Bridges: 2×15

  • X-Band Walks (with Mini Band Around Both Toes) 2×30



  • Elliptical (30s sprint: 30s easy to moderate pace)

    • For the sprint, increase the level and the speed you are going cycling at. For the easy to moderate to the opposite


Warm Up





(without barbell obviously)