Personal Training

Efficiency and quality are the two KEY components missing from training and diet programs today. Cookie cutter workouts and diet plans won’t work for most and are too TIME CONSUMING AND INEFFECTIVE. Through fine tuning and minor adjustments to your body, Dylan Conrad will systematically take your training to the next level in a time sensitive manner. Want to look good with your shirt off? Want to bulletproof your body? Have energy levels that are through the roof? 

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Body Recomposition

Picture a softball under a down comforter. Now picture a basketball under a thin bed sheet. More definition is seen in the latter due to it’s size and minimal covering. The basketball is your muscle and the sheet represents your body fat. Metabolic resistance training burns 3x more body fat than traditional cardio. This accompanied with my diet program will get you absolutely shredded in no time.

Functional Strength Training

Building a foundation of strength is important for increasing muscle size and creating an impressive physique. It will also increase power, flexibility, and performance.

The Diet 

Don’t have time shop, cook, and follow a meal plan? Good, neither does anyone that wants to still have a balanced lifestyle. My diet is adaptable, easy, and gets results FAST. It’s perfect for those who dine out and travel often.


Staying injury free and being able to move through full ranges of motion are key to your progress. Customized flexibility and strength training programs will take care of your individual physiology to help elevate and KEEP the results you’ve worked your tail off for.

Current Deals

Your Fitness Plan Will:

  • Enhance your body composition
  • Bulletproof your body
  • Elevate your performance
  • Give you sky high energy levels
  • Be adaptable to your lifestyle
  • Be customized to your individual needs
  • Be fast yet still effective