How DC Fitness Gets Results- No Matter What: Personal Trainer Brentwood 90049

Sounds like a pretty boastful statement, but the fact we at DC Fitness get our clients results, no matter what, holds true.


And, since we track our client’s progress religiously, we actually have statistics to back us.

DC Fitness is divided into three (3) programs:


  1. Strength: Getting Stronger
  2. Symmetry: Creating a balanced muscular and skeletal structure for injury prevention and rehabilitation
  3. Sweat: Losing Body Fat


So how are we able to get our client’s results to look, move, AND feel better?


  1. Strategic Workout Routine Design – If you train the exact same way for several months, you will eventually plateau. Further, all types of training are necessary, but some types are best for specific results, training to “peak” needs to be strategic. This is why at DC Fitness, each workout routine is individually created to ensure client’s (a) never plateau and (b) can “peak” their results at specific time. Creating individualized exercise programs is also what separates DC Fitness from 90% of other trainers and ALL exercise classes.


  1. Monthly Check Ins – If your goals aren’t measured, how will you know if you’ve achieved them? At DC Fitness, we have a systematic process in which every 4 weeks, we sit down together and re-evaluate the status of your goals, diet and exercise habits, and have you grade yourself in four areas including: hunger level, adherence, mental focus, and strength. We also will measure your body fat %, record your body measurements, and re-assess your muscle imbalances using the Functional Movement Screening.ä


  1. The Extended DC Fitness Family – The more like-minded people we can put on your health team, the more accountable you will be and thus get better fitness results. DC Fitness has a team of nutritionists, meditation coaches, chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedists, acupuncturists we refer out to and close relationship with cardio gyms such as Soul Cycle and Orange Theory. These are the top people in each profession that we’ve spent the last 6 years developing. Whatever you need, DC Fitness has you covered.


If you or someone you know would be a great fit for our program, please don’t hesitate to email to schedule a complimentary personal training session AND fitness assessment using the subject line: DCF2017

On the fence? We’re so confident that we’ve made fitness so simple, anyone can get results, that we have a “30 Day Money Back Guaranteed” if you don’t get any results.


– DC Fitness: Personal Trainer Brentwood 90049

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