Sleep Deprivation Treatment: 12 Sleep Hacks

The reason why I’m writing todays blogpost regarding sleep deprivation treatment is simple: I want everyone to be able to perform at the highest level possible. Especially my girlfriend and multiple clients who suffer from sleeping dysfunctions: teeth grinding, trouble falling asleep, frequent waking, medicine induced low quality sleep. As I push my clients past physical and mental limits they thought once impossible, it’s important their bodies are in a state to do so. Plus, great sleep helps boost your metabolism, increases testosterone levels, controls optimal insulin secretion, promotes skin health and youthful appearance, encourages healthy cell division (may help prevent cancer) and increases athletic performance.

How many different sleep deprivation treatment recommendations on time of sleep have you heard? 8 hours? 6 hours? 7 hours? It seems we are focusing on quantity instead of good quality sleep…


But what is good sleep?


Good question. There are physiological markers of good sleep, as well as subjective measurements of good sleep. So what are these markers of good sleep?


– Subjective sleep quality (I slept very well vs. I slep very poorly)

– Feeling refreshed after awakening

– Calm sleep (i.e. restless vs woke up much to early)

– Ease of waking up

– Ease of falling asleep

– Number of dreams

– Number of awakenings

– Time spent in REM or Deep Sleep

– Time spent trying to get to sleep


Does duration for sleep deprivation treatment matter? That’s a completely subjective measure. I personally know if I sleep less than 7 hours, I feel horrible the next day. But, that’s not to say if I didn’t work on these quality of sleep measures that would change. What’s the best answer? Treat your body like an experiment!


Here are 12 different sleep hacks you can try to improve your quality!


  1. Meditate.
  2. Breathing exercises such as “Box Breathing.”
  3. Avoid bright lights and LCD screens at least 1 hour before bedtime.
  4. Go to bed before 11pm
  5. No caffeine past 2pm
  6. Experiment with supplements such as magnesium, 5 HTP (tryptophan), L-trytophan, ornithine, chamomile, potassium, L-theanine, , or GABA, collagen, KRILL OIL!
  7. Unplug everything in your room that glows (LED lights, cable boxes, etc).
  8. Cover LED lights them with electrical tape.
  9. Cover your windows completely. Use black out curtains! You can make them yourself.
  10. Develop a bedtime routine.
  11. Eliminate glowing lights as you get closer to your sleeping time. At least dim your monitor or screens.
  12. Don’t exercise 2 hours before bedtime.

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