Sliding Into DM’s All Day & Have Neck/Shoulder Pain? Time To Get on All Fours…

That subject line was age-biased so I apologize.

Let me take the time to explain:

Sliding into DM’s (direct message) according to Urban Dictionary is: “When you start a direct message chain on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, with the hopes of acquiring the booty.”

Typically when we’re texting on our phone, we hold the phone close to our body by the ribcage.

This causes weakening of the front next flexors, rounding of the upper back, tightening of the pecs, and decreased activation in the rotator cuff. In English: forward head position and rounded shoulders.

So how do we fix this? Get on all fours.

Seriously, the “quadruped” (fancy way for saying “on all fours) is a great position for the core to activate and allow the muscles of the thoracic spine and neck to activate and mobilize the way you need them to.

While you’re changing the technique of texting on your phone to the below, here are 5 “quadruped” corrective exercises for your using.

1. Quadruped Chin Push, Tuck, and Roll


On all fours, push your head forward and then tuck your chin. With your chin staying tucked to your chest, pull your head back until the neck and face are parallel to the ground, not further.

2. Quadruped Extension Rotation


This is a great mid back opener. Make sure you sit all the way back on your heels with your arms extended out in front of you. With one arm behind the back of the head, rotate towards that same arm until you can’t rotate anymore.

3. Quadruped Extension Rotation with ABDuction


Same thing as above but with the arm behind the back. Placing this shoulder in a bit of internal rotation will help open up your thoracic spine a bit more.

4. Quadruped Reach, Roll, and Lift


This is a great mid back and rotator cuff activation to pull your shoulders back. On all fours, slide one arm not into his DM, but out in front of you until you can’t reach forward anymore. When you reach the end, roll the thumb up and then lift the whole arm up from the ground, activating your mid back and rotator cuff. Run on central.

5. Quadruped Neck Packing


This is a great drill to do on all fours or even sitting at your desk chair. Neck packing is basically a combination of pushing your head back behind you as far as possible with your chin tucked. Your biological cue that you are doing it right is you should feel pressure behind the base of your skull.

Happy DM’ing to Larrel KG and the rest of the DC Fitness family.

Slide On,

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