Step By Step: Fat Loss Exercise Plans

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“Everybody wanna be a body builder, but no one wanna lift these heavy ass weights!”

-Ronnie Coleman, Bodybuilder, 7 time world world champion

The same goes for fat loss. Everybody wanna lose fat, but no one wants to lift these heavy ass weights.

If I had a nickel for every time someone this week asked me, “so it’s high reps and low weight if I want to get that fitness model look, right?” then I’d probably have 4 nickels.

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For homegirls looking for an impressive physique, ~15% bodyfat is where you want to be.

If you’re a bro looking for an impressive physique, ~10% body fat.

“Lift heavy weights? Really? But I put on muscle like really fast.”

Maybe you do. But if you’re losing body fat at the same time, you won’t be bulking up.

And that right there, is the key to a successful fat loss training regimen.

Increasing muscle mass WHILE losing body fat.



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You know how long it takes people to put on ONE pound of muscle mass?

6 months to a year.

So if you’re putting on muscle mass and feel like you’re bulking up, it’s probably because your body fat is either going up or staying the same, and the new glycogen, blood, and just overall pump in the muscles is pushing the fat out even more.

Muscle is more metabolically active and intervals raise your metabolism up, blah blah blah. You’ve heard this from me a million times, and I hope you’re starting to mock me because then it’s sitting in!

So how do you build a successful fat loss exercise program?

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Keep it simple!


  1. 50% nutrition
  2. Find your weakest training quality (strength, endurance, amount muscle mass) and build your first program around that FIRST
  3. Use the same program until you plateau
  4. Measure Results
  5. Reassess and move thru steps 1-4 again, and again, and again, and again…


For a more detailed real sample of an extreme fat loss exercise regimen, click HERE.


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