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Strength training is cardio Strength training is cardio…just look at this heart rate monitor!

“Strength training is cardio” – Dylan Conrad, personal trainer in West Los Angeles


“Bro, did you just quote yourself” – Everyone reading this blog

Think about it…what exactly constitutes cardio? The definition of cardio is increasing your heart rate over a prolonged period of time.

So… isn’t strength training cardio???

Here’s a little lesson from client of the month Naz B: If you want to have the metabolism of the Tasmanian Devil on speed balls to torch body fat, you need to be strength training. She burns 3500 calories on days she strength trains.

With all other variables held constant, you need to be burning more than you’re consuming for fat loss. What dictates how much you burn is your metabolic rate, and what dictates your metabolic rate are genetics, diet, and exercise.

So which exercise is best for getting your metabolic rate up?

Traditional steady state cardio will boost your metabolism, but only during the time you are actually doing it.

Strength training, and more specifically metabolic resistance training (MRT), boosts your metabolism during the exercise, but ALSO AFTER EXERCISE throughout the day.


Here’s 3 reasons why strength training is superior to traditional cardio for burning body fat.


1. EPOC (excess postexercise oxygen consumption)

When you exercise at intensities that are too high for your body to get sufficient oxygen supply, your body will compensate by consuming more oxygen post workout, thus boosting your metabolism throughout the day.

High intensity training is better than traditional cardio High intensity training is better than traditional cardio

2. You can work at much higher intensities

Besides the above, working at higher intensities will allow your heart rate and hormonal cascade to be much more superior than traditional cardio for burning fat. You cannot work at high intensities with little or no rest periods, which is why traditional cardio and traditional “strength training” classes are useless when it comes to upgrading your physique.

3. Metabolic rate and lean muscle mass

Lean muscle mass is more metabolically active. This means you will have a higher RMR (resting metabolic rate) to allow you to burn more energy throughout the day. And burning more energy means burning more calories.

Here’s the first month of Naz’ training program to get a general idea of what she does to get her heart rate above 181 and burn 3500 calories from 8am-5pm (I’m guessing she actually burns about 4500 calories total, but she only keeps the heart rate monitor on from 8am-5pm).

Strength training template for fat loss Strength training template for fat loss

Shout out to Naz B. Winner of $100 gift card to Lukshon in Culver City It’s her first month training with us, and I’m excited to watch her progress. I always look forward to our sessions together, and we are currently writing a coffee table book titled “The Faces of Working Out.”


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