For The Stressed Worker: 5 Quick Neck/Shoulder Relief Techniques

For The Stressed Worker: 5 Quick Neck/Shoulder Relief Techniques

I’ve been doing a lot of LinkedIn “stalking” to network with various people and companies.

After about an hour of doing that, I find my breathing shallow/non-existent and my mind completely frazzled.

I tend to get pretty lost in my work, especially with LinkedIn stalking for some reason.

The more I work from my computer, the more low back, shoulder, and knee pain I feel.

There’s no doubt sitting is the new smoking.

Not only does it make your body completely imbalanced, but it also is crushing your overall health.

7 out of every 10 deaths each year are caused by a chronic illness.

Most of those chronic illnesses can be avoided by having a more active lifestyle.

Looking for some instant relief until you can get a more active lifestyle? Look no further: (Click on any of the exercises to watch)


  • In a seated position with your arms hung by your side, rotate your thumbs outwardly as far as possible. You should feel the muscle behind your shoulders burning.

Blow up a balloon

  • This sounds pretty easy, and it is. But, when you blow your air out, you want to focus on two things. 1) Relax your neck when you exhale 2) exhale as forcefully as possible.

Carry something heavy

  • Groceries, bags, babies…ok, maybe not babies. But, when you are carrying heavy items with your arms hung by your sides, you are causing the shoulders to lower. When you are stressed and/or sitting for long periods of time, your shoulders tend to creep up towards your ears which is horrible for your overall stress levels as well as your shoulder health.

Seated T-Spine Rotations

  • This is a great drill to open up your tight upper back after a long day of sitting. Most flexibility exercises utilize momentum, but this one utilizes the anatomy of your spine to open up tight muscles.

Neck Packing

  • When you have forward head posture, the muscles in the front of your neck get very weak and inactive, and the muscles in the back become weak and overstretched. Neck packing reverses all of this.

These are my top 5 drills I do when I find my shoulders in my ears, breathing from my chest, and pain in my low back.

Your body can’t separate real stress from fake stress.

For example, if you are being physically attacked, you go into a fear/reaction state with increased heart rate, blood pressure, constricted blood flow, etc.

When you’re working on a project for your company, and you’re trying to rush thru it, your body undergoes the same fear/reaction state.

The long term goal is to teach your mind/body how to work in a peaceful state.

This is easier said than done, but starting with some breathing drills or meditation can help immensely. After all, most of these exercises are just band-aids covering up the underlying issue (stress).

I hope you enjoyed this post!

In Good Health,


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