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Being a personal trainer in West Los Angeles, people’s supplement regimens have a bigger inventory than most Costco’s. There is a 40% chance you are Vitamin D deficient. You’re going to be sick, weak, “foggy,” have heart problems, and eventually die. You aren’t recording your entire nutrient intake with a food log? Not positive you’re getting sufficient natural sunlight every day? Then just take a vitamin D supplement- that’ll do it! But wait, you might be sick because it was actually Vitamin C deficiency and weak because your iron intake is low.

Sport supplements

Which health supplements should you take? Dylan Conrad can help to advise the right ones for your needs.

Even if you memorize every single symptom of every single vitamin deficiency, you may still be guessing. So what’s the solution?

TAKE A MULTI VITAMIN and ensure all your bases are covered. Problem solved, right? Wrong.

Every health professional will agree that we need to consume omega-3s to achieve optimal health. Our body’s cannot produce these essential fats which is why we MUST consume them in our diet.

Omega 3 supplements

Omege 3 and how it works.

There are 2 types of omega-3s: those from plants and those from animals. Plant sources includes flax, chia, and hemp seeds. Unfortunately, these sources need to be consumed IMMEDIATELY after they are ground up, otherwise they will be oxidized and become rancid- meaning the effect they will have on your body is ZERO.

So, should I just take a fish oil?

Nope. Fish oil becomes oxidized very quickly as well, rendering the omega-3s useless. This is due to shady suppliers and the molecular structure of the fish oils. Also, the fish are most likely contaminated with mercury and other toxins.

SOLUTION: Krill oil. Krill has a substance called astaxanthin which prevents the lipids and fats from being oxidized. It is also much more potent than fish oil, so you can take less to get more effect. Krill oil is more sustainable than fish oil, as it’s the largest biomass in the world. The harvesting is regulated by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), so you know it’s legit.

WHAT SUPPLEMENTS TO START WITH: Multi-vitamin and krill oil

WHEN: Every morning when you wake up.

WHY: See above (and below)

At Dylan Conrad Fitness, my clients have had the most success changing one aspect of their lifestyle at a time (research backs this up, and this is why crash diets NEVER work). Creating the habit of taking your multi-vitamin and krill oil every morning will set you up for other successes of other habits we will change along your path to a healthier, more active lifestyle.

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