Tank Burpees – Exercise of The Week

Who I stole this from: @brooklyntank on instagram

Why I like this move: Great progression of the burpee instead of doing a million burpees to get a training effect.

Skill level: Advanced


How to:

The set up and movement of the tank burpee mirror the conventional burpee. The only difference is the explosive progression which is added with a clap push up, an explosive push up to stand, and a tuck jump.

  1. Stand in a comfortable position with your feet below your shoulders
  2. Squat down and simultaneously push your legs back into a push up position with your torso parallel to the ground
  3. Perform 1 clap push up
  4. Perform 1 explosive push up to stand
  5. Perform 1 tuck jump
  6. Repeat for reps

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