The #1 Fat Loss Mistake

When I was a young lad (idiot), my goal was to lose weight by any means necessary. I remember running miles on top of miles and starving myself in the process. I was pretty unhappy with my body, and even more unhappy with the way girls were looking at me- or not looking at me. I was 12, about 25 pounds overweight, and all my friends started dating. Except me.“Why can’t I just look like the dudes on the cover of Muscle and Fitness?”



“Because every time you drop 10 pounds you gain 15 back.”I yo-yoed with my weight for the next 4 years, finding myself injured and burnt out to gain all the weight back.


That was until I got my head out of my ass and started getting scientific about my approach. Which was when I discovered LINEAR PERIODIZATION.


You see, if you train the same quality year round, you are going to get injured and/or burnt out (physically and mentally). This is a big reason a lot of Crossfit-oholics get injured (aside from the massive volume and sheer stupidity in some of the programs). It’s also another reason most HIIT (high intensity interval training) programs and classes just simply to not work for long term fat loss.


STFU Dylan and get to your point!


Linear perdiodization is a long term approach to exercise programming first discovered by Tudor Bompa (coolest name EVER) in the Eastern Bloc, and partially the reason the Soviet’s were so dominant in the Olympic lifts. The other partial was AMAZING concoctions of steroids, which everyone was doing at the time, it was just a matter of who had the best stuff.

Sorry to get off point…Because I speak robot, I copy/pasted the web definition for linear periodization: “the division of the overall training program into periods which accomplish different goals.

Periodization is the modulating of volume, intensity, and frequency over time, to both stimulate gains and allow recovery.”


Basically, it means that for various blocks of the year you are training different qualities.


And not doing so is why your fat loss program sucks @#$!.


To lose fat, you must have a high metabolism to put you in a caloric deficit. The only two things that affect your metabolism are exercise and the amount of lean muscle mass you have.

So, if you have a low metabolism because you have no lean muscle mass, your first goal MUST be to get stronger and build more lean muscle mass to get that metabolic fire stoked.


I know you want to lose fat like yesterday, but look what happened to me, and look where I am now (9-12% body fat YEAR ROUND mo-fo!).

#abselfieSo for a block of the year, change your focus to building strength to add lean muscle mass. You can allocate the volume of exercises to create more muscle growth in various areas if you are looking for a certain physique. 

This is great for beginners because with the low amount of reps in strength training, you are able to focus on the QUALITY of the movement rather than the QUANTITY.


After you build a foundation of strength, you can enter your fat loss phase.


But what is considered a foundation of strength???


I would say for men, a foundation of strength is:


Bench press = bodyweight + (bodyweight x 0.25) for 1 rep

Deadlift = bodyweight + (bodyweight x 0.75) for 1 rep

BB Squat = bodyweight + (bodyweight x 0.5) for 1 rep


This is the least amount of weight I like to see my male clients move before entering fat loss routines.


For women, a foundation of strength is:


Glute Bridge = bodyweight + (bodyweight x 0.25) for 1 rep

BB Squat = bodyweight

Push Up = 1 bodyweight push up


If you have this foundation of strength, you will definitely have a fair amount of lean muscle mass.


And more muscle mass means MORE FAT LOSS!


In Conclusion:


– Focus on strength first
– Try to get as close to the foundational strength numbers before going into fat loss
– Switch up the qualities you are training for year round

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