The #1 Secret to Losing 2 Pounds Per Week

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I’ve done every diet. High carb, low carb, low fat, atkins, paleo, calorie counting, you name it-I’ve done it.

They all had the same effect on me: they ruined my life.

Well, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but they all definitely had some damage on my psyche. I remember being so hungry at night I would take pain killers to surpress my appetite.

Disordered eating anyone?

Being hungry fucks with your head. Hard.

But you have to eat less to lose weight.


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So do you just develop shitty eating patterns like me to lose those 1-2 pounds a week?


One word: COFFEE.

I fiend for coffee like an addict.

Seriously, if you’re trying to discuss something important or logistics before my first cup of coffee, I may try to kill you.

Coffee is nature’s best appetite suppressant, and is just a bit safer than using pain killers (note sarcasm).

So how do you use caffeine strategically to suppress your appetite.

I have a coffee in the morning, which keeps me happy, full, focused, and SUPER PRODUCTIVE. That latter is the best part because I can crank out hours of work (including this post).

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I then have a short black midday (shout out to my man Mark Harris for teaching me that word).

This allows me to keep the momentum going until midday.

But aren’t I restricting myself if I’m not eating until later in the day?

If I were hungry, yes that would be restricting 100%.

Coffee allows me to have 2 big meals and keep me extremely satisfied, happy, and social. I can go out with friends, have drinks, eat pizza, and pretty much whatever I want AS LONG AS IT FITS INTO MY CALORIES AND MACROS.

Isn’t fasting bad for you?

→Get The FREE Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan To Lose Fat and Build Muscle←

Hell no! In fact it’s great for your heart, blood sugar levels, brain function, and hormonal regulation (including increased testosterone production).

Which brings me to another point, and the second part of this strategy. I’ve created the most user friendly, satisfying, fun, meal plan that will ensure you will drop your 2-4 pounds per week, of straight body fat!

Your body can’t choose whether your weight loss will come from fat or muscle, but with the strategies of THIS meal plan, it will ensure you LOSE BODY FAT ONLY.

Sounds too good to be true?

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Happy fasting!


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