The Best Fat Burning Exercise You’re Not Doing

Whenever we think of great fat loss exercises, we commonly think of exercises that just jack your heart rate up and get you sweating: burpees, kettlebell swings, sled pushes, etc.

While these exercises are metabolically taxing as a result of the sheer stress it puts on your system, they are all missing one component.

The component these movements fail to utilize FULLY is the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM.
When activation in the central nervous system goes up, so does our RMR (resting metabolic rate) linearly.

Ever wonder why burpees and kettlebell swings are really hard at first, and then they get progressively easier? Hell, I can’t even get my heart rate pumping that hard with 20 repetitions of 20kg kettlebell swings.

This is because most exercises are not “self-limiting,” in that there is a low ceiling you’ll hit that you’ll eventually plateau.

The TURKISH GET UP IS self-limiting, because it’s usage of the central nervous system. If you’re not sure what a Turkish get up is, you can check out the “how to” at the bottom of this blog.

You see, the Turkish get up is a developmental exercise, in that each step in the movement resembles how we get up from the time we are babies to full grown. You start on the ground on your back, and end up in a standing position. This “reset” of the nervous system as well as the difficulty of the movement, give you a HUGE metabolic payoff.

Here’s a step by step how to of the Turkish Get Up:

1. Starting Position


2. Power Roll To Forearm



3. Post Up To Hand


4. Bridge Your Hips Up To The Sky



5. Bring Straight Leg Through Body’s Midline To Same Side Hand


6. Bring Torso Up



7. Straighten Out Back Leg


8. Stand Up



Pair the Turkish get up with another high intensity exercise such as sled pushes, jump ropes, or sprints, to get an even bigger metabolic boost.

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