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Listen up to what I am about to tell you.  KRILL OIL is the number 1 supplement that you are currently NOT taking! This is the best hidden secret of friend/ personal trainer in West Los Angeles, Matt Uohara (


Let me explain…

We live our lives in an active sampling of our environment.  The body takes all of it’s information received from the interoceptors (sensory receptors relaying info about the internal state of the body), exteroceptors (sensory receptors relaying info about our environment) and proprioceptors (sensory receptors relaying info about movement derived awareness) and creates a plan of action called ADAPTATION!

The way we walk, talk, move, learn and behave are all a giant manifestation of our past experiences.  The body is always adapting, (even as you read this)!   This constant battle to continually improve ourselves takes a lot of emotional and physical energy and sometimes we may need help.

(Okay maybe not this far…)

Enter stress reaction:

One of the most crucial components in adapting to our internal and external stressors is inflammation.  Now, inflammation has gotten a bad wrap as of late.  It is blamed for sickness, fatigue, cancer, heart attacks, decreased cognition and much more.  This is all true, however, here’s the catch.  Without inflammation, our ability to heal from wounds, workouts, infection and remove disastrous material to the body would be impaired.

Inflammation is a good thing.  It is CHRONIC inflammation that is the enemy!

Now back in the day, to avoid chronic inflammation, one of the our first line of defense was through a nutritional intervention.  Fats, mainly OMEGA 3s do a hell of a job at helping us heal from chronic inflammatory issues.  However, as we all know, it is often how the tool is applied, that determines how well the job gets done.  Several sources of information suggest that human beings evolved on a diet with a ratio of Omega 6 to 3 of 1.  As the years have past with the introduction of processed foods and heavy inclusion of vegetable oils that ratio has shifted to as high as 20-25:1 in Western diets.

This is a gigantic stressor to the body!  And we react by becoming chronically inflamed bringing to fruition all the negative things we hear about.

The system NEEDS help!

Supplementation with Omega 3s can help to improve the ratio expressed above and return it to a more evolutionary level.

Yet, not all Omega 3s are created equally.  In general, Omega 3s coming from animal sources (EPA, DHA) have a much higher absorption rate then plant based sources (ALA) with ALA having a conversion efficiency below 5%. It is because of this, that it is essential to get your Omega 3s from varying sources, much of it being animal.  Long has it been said, that fish oil be that source.  Supplementing with fish oil though is not without it’s challenges.  Due to the extraction process, fish oil is highly susceptible to rancidity and can be damaged unless tightly monitored.  Consuming this rancid food is again another stressor to the body.  A next factor to consider is the whole, “you are what you eat” issue.  Fish, being so high up in the chain, consume all of their meal’s problems as well (mercury, disease etc.).  This can be passed along to us as the ultimate consumer, YIKES!

So the question becomes, “Can we find a sustainable source of Omega 3 fatty acids that will come from a source low on the food chain and possibly have some sort of protective element that will allow for a purer extraction?

The answer is YES!!!!

Krill, coming in at 500,000,000 tonnes is the largest biomass on the planet.  They feed on phytoplankton and zooplankton and are thus considered extremely low on the food chain.  This consumption of algae is largely responsible for the considerable amount of astaxanthin found within the krill.  Astaxanthin is a caratenoid produced by the algae Haematoccous pluvialis.  When the algae’s water supply lowers, astaxanthin serves as protection from nutrient depletion.  When the Krill eat the algae, they consume astaxanthin and the oil we extract is also protected!

In addition to the stability provided by astaxanthin, Krill oil is attached to a phosphate (phosphatidylcholine), increasing absorption directly into the bloodstream and into the body’s tissues. This makes Krill’s bioavailability higher then fish oil, meaning you have to take less of it to have the same affect.

So what type of benefits can you expect to see while taking Krill Oil?

Omega 3’s aid in stress management and therefore have shown to aid in the improvement/recovery of a variety of systems.

  • Muscle Growth

  • Developmental Disorders (Dyspraxia)

  • Brain and Cognitive Abilities

  • Decreased Body Fat

  • Cardiovascular Disease

  • Type II Diabetes

  • Dysmenorrhea

  • Cholesterol

  • ADHD

  • Immune Defense

  • Dyslexia

And many more!!!

This is why all of my client’s are currently taking Krill Oil.  We all push our body’s hard and if we expect to adapt and change to these stressors, we must aid ourselves in recovery!

Krill Oil is the number 1 supplement you are NOT taking.  Let’s change this!!

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