The Dad Bod Trend: 5 Reasons I Just Can’t

“Help! I think I may have a Dad Bod.”

These were the last words I received from someone who purchased my GILT City deal (if you know anyone who has dad bod, be a good friend/husband/wife and purchase them some training HERE #noshame)

I’ve heard people talk about the dad bod trend at the gym but never knew what they were referring too and didn’t care enough to look into it.

That was until today.

What I found was appalling. A group of men who had given up on their personal health and a group of women empowering them to do it. What I thought was the biggest cop-out of all time, suddenly became great ammunition for a post to declare war on the Dad Bod trend.

Down with Dad Bod, I say! And here are 5 reasons to support my cause:


1. Because there’s more to health than an impressive physique.

Mark Wahlberg

2. Because no one should settle for being second place.

Dad Bod David B Maybe

3. Because Leonardi DiCaprio (the Dad Bod spokesman) is worth 220 million, which may be the sum of incomes of everyone on team Dad Bod.

leo dicrapp

4. Because the superhero look was just becoming cool again!


5. Because I’m ok with Jon Hamm being my fiancee’s “pass” solely because he doesn’t have Dad Bod.

John Hamm Dad Bod

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