The Dan Bilzerian Workout (Plus The Top 5 Ways To Get A Physique Like Dan’s)

Dan Bilzerian Workout

Dan Bilzerian Loves 2 Things: Working Out and His Gucci Slippers

Continuing on the theme of instagram celebritiy workouts (last week I covered celebri-tard Jen Selter), I decided to cover the Dan Bilzerian workout.

Dan Bilzerian, who initially gained fame on the World Series of Poker, has expanded and later surpassed this fame on Instagram. He famously posts himself at VIP parties, with half naked women, and blowing shit up.

Dan Bilzerian Workout

Dan Bilzerian’s Signature Thick Midsection

It doesn’t seem as much the money these women are in love with (reported net worth over $100 million), rather it seems his physique and lifestyle these women crawl all over him for. Plain and simple: guys want to be him and girls want to be with him.

His thick midsection and traps that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would be jealous over. Dan has a well proportioned impressive physique, and after I first explain the top 5 reasons why this is, I will show you the workout I have created based off articles on his training style as well as what I would program to develop such a thick midsection, arms, chest, traps, and lats.


 1. Training age – Listening to an interview he did on Howard Stern awhile back, Bilzerian told Stern that he has worked out since he was 13 years old.

Dan Bilzerian Workout

Dan Bilzerian Works Out Any Time, Any Place

2. Nutrition – Dan has a personal chef, and is constantly eating to pack muscle on his frame. He’s also very anal about his post-workout protein shake.

Dan Bilzerian Workout

Not so much meat at this table

3. Lifestyle – Noted as having a heart attack from a concoction of cocaine, ecstasy, and Viagra (a Jeffrey?), Dan is thought of as being a huge party boy. In a recent interview, Bilzerian stated he would rather hang out with “hot chicks” sober than get drunk with his buddies.

Dan Bilzerian Workout

Dan Bilzerian and His Shitty Lifestyle

4. Presentation & Attention to Detail – There are two reasons bodybuilders look so impressive on stage. One, they train and eat the right way. And two, they tan and wax to show off the definition. When you’re worth over $100 million dollars, you can afford a laser hair removal machine in your house:

5. Mindset – Bilzerian has tried all types of training in the past including: powerlifting, bodybuilding, MMA training, boxing, triathlons, and even Navy Seal Training. Bilzerian was honorably discharged from the Seals a week before finishing BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEALS) camp.


So, what would the Dan Bilzerian workout look like? Bilzerian’s a huge fan of the clean and press, so I put that as well as some Olympic lifts in his program. This is probably how he has grown such massive traps. He does MMA training which is most likely responsible for his thick midsection (most of it is probably his strong diaphragm pushing out his muscles), but I think you could get the same effect from squats and deadlifts with massive time under tension. Here’s Dan’s 3 Day split (that I have made up):


Day 1:


A1. Barbell (BB) Series: 3 Clean Shrugs, 3 Power Cleans, 3 Full Cleans. Rest 3 minutes for 3 rounds total

B1. BB Shoulders Elevated Glute Bridges 3x20RM (to failure)

B2. Fire Hydrants 1×60 seconds per side

C1. DB Tate Press 3×15 with 0 seconds rest

C2. DB Incline Press Closed Grip 3x 10RM (failure) with 2 minute rest

D1. Dragon Flags 3×10

D2. Hanging Knees to Chest 3×20

E1. Sled Push 30m. Rest 45 seconds. Repeat 8 times.


Day 2:


A1. BB Incline Press 3×10,5,3,2 (20 second intraset rest)

B1. Weighted Pull Ups 5×5

B2. Seated Shoulder Press Palms Forward 3×10 Elevator Reps (half, three-quarters, full)

C1. Lateral Raises 2×10 one and a half reps

C2. BB Bicep Crazy 8s 1×1

D1. Slideboard Alligator Walk Sled Tow 4x20m

E1. Horizontal Cable Chops 2x10ea

F1. BB Farmer’s Carries 8x30m @ 1 minute rest


Day 3:


A1. BB Hang Cleans 3×5 @ 2.5 minute rest

B1. Standing Military Press Drop Set 3xAMRAP (as many reps as possible) at 3 levels

C1. Shoulders Elevated SL Glute Bridges to Deficit 3xAMRAP each

C2. Chest Supported Row 1 Arm Iso Hold 2x10ea

D1. TRX Weighted Triceps 2×10

E1. TRX Shoulder Series 3x8ea

F1. Reverse Bat Wing Sled Drags 8x30m





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