The Exercise Every Person With A Desk Job Should Do

It’s pretty clear now that sitting is the new smoking:

– Chest breathing

– Neck/shoulder pain and tightness

– Tight hip flexors

– No diaphragmatic breathing

– Higher stress levels due to no diaphramatic breathing

– Weak glutes

And the list goes on.

This morning after my workout I was doing some planks, and to open up my upper back I sat back onto my heels into “Child’s Pose.”

My pecs were especially tight so I decided to put one hand in the back of my head and rotate towards the ceiling.

My opposite shoulder sank to the ground, stretching my uber tight lats.

I took a deep inhale thru my nose and forceful exhale out of my mouth to activate my diaphragm.

I held my breath for 6 seconds and repeated, noticeably able to turn a couple more degrees of rotation.

I got off the ground, reached my arms overhead, and instantly felt my neck, shoulders, and traps really opened up:


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