The Khloe Kardashian Workout

Some would say it’s bad taste to use Lamar Odom’s near death episode to get more people to read my blog.

To that I would say I have no shame.

Some would also say it is bad taste to have a digital subscription to People Magazine.

To that I would say I have a ton of shame.

At the end of last month, I received an email from People Magazine, “Khloe Kardashian’s Trainer Reveals Her Secrets.”

Gunnar Peterson, a Beverly Hills based celebrity trainer, has been around for a very long time.

He’s kind of a douche.



However, he does functional strength training with all his clients, so that makes him way less douchey.

Plus, he’s a huge proponent of HIIT.

I’ve been following Gunnar for some 6 years now, and his style has morphed from raw strength training to more functional training, almost too functional.

He does a ton of double moves (think lunge to curl to overhead press), uses light loads to work in all planes of motion (forward, side to side, and rotational), and his client’s squat like shit (not just Khloe)

I would probably disagree with 95% of what Gunnar’s doing, but I’ll argue to hell and back on the above 5%.

“Functional movements” how Gunnar uses them are inefficient to lose body fat.

There is a time and place for them, like as “filler” exercises (exercises that are done instead of resting because they don’t require a ton of energy) or at the end of a training session.


Khloe has an amazing butt, and to emphasize that she should be focusing on movements like sumo deadlifts, glute bridges, fire hydrants, and band walks:


I love the high intensity interval training Peterson uses with Kardashian.

A lot of trainers butcher HIIT by their poor exercise selection and inappropriate rest periods, but Gunnar has this down perfectly. He uses battling ropes, treadmill sprints, and metabolic slideboard work:


Overall, I would give Kardashian a B- on her workout.

Khloe has a great mindset (Gunnar reported she never misses a workout), is drawing attention to functional strength training and how it can help you lose weight, and lost 35 pounds.

She works out 5x/week with Peterson and does Soul Cycle on top of that, which I think is a pretty inefficient use of time. I also think this is not sustainable long term.

The goal with every workout program should be to develop eating habits and workout habits that will help you stay in shape year round, not just when you want to start being a “jersey chaser” again and date James Hardin. Or when you want to break up with James Hardin to get back with your ex-husband who was just found overdosed at a brothel (too soon?). Whatever works for you!

I hope you enjoyed this post (rant).




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