The New Bourne Identity Workout – Matt Damon is A Stud

Matt Damon’s Hot New Workout


Last Wednesday, Damon’s new physique was revealed all over social media, and dude is RIPPED. Frank Marshall, director of the Bourne Identity (who I believe only directed the first 2 Bournes) tweeted this picture:



This only a couple years after the old admitted “Burger and Fries Damon” (he called himself that – No me).




Damon has that “superhero physique” with thick torso, well-rounded shoulders, and huge traps.  He resembles Bradley Cooper’s American Sniper physique.


Want to build muscle like Bradley Cooper?

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The resemblance between Damon and Cooper’s physique is very close. Aside from the fact Cooper had to beef up quite a bit (30#) for his role, the two have similar traps, shoulders, and thick mid section.


This makes sense, seeing how both of them HAVE THE SAME TRAINER!


Jason Walsh FTW!


If you remember my American Sniper post, you’ll remember the story of Jason Walsh giving a young Dylan Conrad 1 hour of his time when Dylan Conrad was just getting started in this whacky world of training.


And what type of workouts does Jason Walsh do?




You want to build an impressive physique? Functional strength training.


You want to be able to kick some ass, move heavy objects around with ease, or shoot people from over a mile a way? Functional strength training.


Okay, maybe you won’t be able to shoot people from over a mile a way, but you get my point.


Want to break thru plateaus and get the best physique of your life?

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My point is, to get a well defined physique you need to have the foundation of your exercise routine as functional strength training.


Here’s a 2 day routine I created that will help you get that Navy Seal physique similar to Damon and Cooper.


Day 1:


Barbell Overhead Press – 4×5
Pull Ups 7×3
A1. Wide Grip Rack Pulls 3×6
A2. Band Pull Aparts 2×20
TRX Shoulder Series (T’s, External Rotations, Facepulls) 3x8ea
Farmers Carries 5x40m
Stability Ball Stirring The Pot 2x8ea
Plate Loaded Planks 2x60s
Half Kneeling Cable Pallof Press 2x5x5s Holds

Day 2:


A1. Trap Bar Deadlifts 5×5
A2. Fire Hydrant Pumps 1x60s ea
B1. Barbell Chest Press “21s” 3x7ea
B2. 3 Point Row Dumbbell 4x5ea
Dumbbell Reverse Fly Drop Set 3 Levels 3x8ea
Handstand Iso Hold Against Wall 3x as long as possible
Dumbbell Bicep Curls 3×8
Hanging Knees To Chest + Leg Raise Combo 2x as many reps as possible of each
Plate Glute Bridge Iso Hold 2x60s
TRX Fallouts 3×6




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