The Tracy Anderson Workout (Not A Hate Post!)

This will be the first time someone who strength trains doesn’t publicly hate on Tracy Anderson.

You can argue with her methods and what she stands for, but she pulled something great out of me: the will to be creative.

You see, I’ve always wondered how Tracy Anderson made workouts that actually gave people a training effect, seeing how she uses nothing heavier than 3 pound dumbbells (she believes using weights heavier than 3 pounds is bad for you and will bulk you up).

So, I started thinking about how I can create a fat loss workout solely using 3 pound dumbbells.

Below is what I came up with, and it’s spirit-crushingly hard: The Tracy Anderson Workout.

This circuit is to be done for 3 rounds total, 30 seconds per exercise, with 1-2 minutes rest after the last exercise (but zero rest in between).


A1. 3 Pound Dumbbell Squat Jumps


A2. 3 Pound Dumbbell Renegade Rows


A2 Progression. 3 Pound Dumbbell Renegade Row with Crawl


A3. 3 Pound Dumbbell Abbreviated Burpees


A4. 3 Pound Dumbbell Lengthened Split Squat Iso Hold


A4 Progression. 3 Pound Dumbbell Lengthened Split Squat Iso Hold with Dumbbells Overhead


A5. 3 Pound Dumbbell Reverse Alternating Lunge


A6. 3 Pound Dumbbell Straight Arm Straight Leg Sit Ups

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