TRX Deep Squat Breathing with Lat Stretch

Who I stole this move from: The Postural Restoration Institute

Skill level: Beginner


Why I love this move:

For my entire lifting career I’ve been told I have “tight lats.” My overhead mobility is pretty poor and my tight lats (since they attach to the low back) causes some back pain from time to time. I’ve stretched them and tried to loosen up my lats, but they seem to just remain “on.” Until recently, I didn’t understand why this was. Because my core was unstable, my body was searching for stability at my shoulder and specifically my lats. This move integrates core stability and lat flexibility to let the lats turn “off” and lengthen.


How to:


  1. Set up the TRX handles at hip height
  2. With your feet together, grap the handles and squat as deep as you can, letting the arms go over head and putting the lats into a deep stretch. Allow your torso to go into a flexed position
  3. Take a deep breath in thru the nose, and forcefully exhale out thru the mouth
  4. Hold your breath for 2 seconds and repeat #3
  5. Perform 8-10 breaths after your foam rolling and before your workout

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