[VIDEO] 5 Minute Dynamic Stretching Warm Up

5 Minute Dynamic Stretching Warm Up

5 Minute Dynamic Stretching Warm Up


You can do a yoga class and become more flexible, but your hamstring muscle may be super mobile and already hanging on for dear life.

Or, you can do a resistance training program and become more stable everywhere, but your hip flexors become so tight you’re continually getting requests from strangers to twerk.

There’s a specific way your body should move in terms of what’s flexible and what’s stable. Too much or too little is the basis for injury, decreased performance, and horrid posture.

This is the basis for “functional” training, and more specifically the “joint by joint theory.”


In this 5 minute dynamic stretching warm up video, I’m going to take you thru a research based range of motion, activation, and movement prep to ensure your body is moving “functionally.”



Using the proper muscles and not creating asymmetries (or in most cases adding to) is imperative to joint health, performance, and metabolic benefit. In English, it will make your knees stop squeaking like a rocking chair, help you climb burning buildings to save babies, and look better nekkid – yadadamean!?

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