Workout & Meal Plan of The Week 1/7/15

The idea behind this workout and meal plan is to build muscle. Not just generally build muscle, but rather to bring up specific lagging body parts that aren’t as developed as the surrounding. The lagging body part in this weeks free workout I’ve chosen is the glutes. This requires developing a split in which 24 sets are used. In the example today I will use a 2 day split in which 12 sets are allocated to the gluteal muscles!


As always, all of the videos are at the bottom.


Day 1:


Warm Up: Foam Roll, Glute Bridges, Mini Band Series

A1. BB Shoulders Elevated Glute Bridges 4×5

A2. Mini Band Series 1x 12ea

B1. RDLs 2×12

C1. Standing Superband Hip Thrusts 1×30


Day 2:


Warm Up: Foam Roll, Glute Bridges, Mini Band Series

A1. BB Deadlifts (Elevate if you can’t keep a neutral spine) 4×6

B1. Shoulders Elevated Single Leg Glute Bridges 2×25,20,15 ea

B2. 2 KB Single Leg Deadlift 2x10ea



Meal Plan: Intermittent Fasting Technique


Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee – Kerrygold grass fed butter (1 tbsp) with coffee

Post Workout: 6 ice cubes, 1 cup of almond milk (unsweetened), 1 scoop whey protein, 1 handful berries. All blended.

Lunch: 6 oz baked chicken (4 oz for women; put parchment paper on top for more moisture) 400 degrees for 30 minutes; 6 oz baked cauliflower with ½ tbsp drizzled and garlic salt; 3 oz celery and 3 oz carrots with low calorie dressing; 4 oz brown rice.

Dinner: Turkey Stir Fry – 6 oz ground turkey (4 oz for women), 2 oz celery, 2 oz carrots, 2 oz onions. All sautéed. 6 oz salad (2 oz iceberg lettuce, 4 oz veggies of choice).